Here is a random assortment of links to data that I have stumbled upon on the web.  Some are well organized and some are, well, not.

SourceOECD home [requires subscription]

Institut de la statistique – International Comparisons

Miriam A. Golden’s Datasets

Ron Francisco’s European Protest and Coercion Data

Africa Research Program, Harvard University

Pippa Norris’ Data [Democracy, UK elections and constituencies]

biz/ed data [economic data]

ESDS International [various macro and survey datasets]

Thomas Cusack’s data [spending, taxation, parties, governments]

UK Data Archive

Political Transformation and the Electoral Process in Post-Communist Europe

EconStats: Economic Data

Consitutional Change and Parliamentary Democracies CCPD [coalition governance]

Doring-Hallerberg Parliamentary Data [cross-national parliamentary passage of legislative bills]

OECD Statsportal

Terrorism in Western Europe: Events Data [TWEED]

C.N.C.C.F.P. – Commission nationale des comptes de campagne et des financements politiques [France]

Factional and Government Make-Up of the Knesset

Patterns of Global Terrorism 1993-1999

Cheibub and Kalandrakis’ Global Database of Political Institutions and Economic Performance

World Bank’s Governance data

The World Bank Group’s Household Survey Data

Links to more links:

Emory’s Electronic Data Center: National Statistical and Electoral Sources

Africa Research Program, Harvard University – Data Sources

World Bank – External data sources