WinEdt & Stata 11

WinEdt, the editor of choice for many LaTeX users, can be used as Stata do-file editor in a fairly simple manner by installing Stata Mode.  However, as far as I can tell, the author of Stata Mode doesn’t appear to have anticipated Stata’s willingness to produce new versions – in extracting the path to the Stata executable it only looks for versions 8-10.  If you have version 11 this is easily fixed.  After unzipping Stata Mode, look for extract_path.edt and open it.  Change line 11 to:


Save  the file and the run the installation macro. Of course, this will break once version 12 comes out, which is normally about a month after I decide to splurge on an upgrade.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Statacorp gave you a warning that a new version was on the horizon?  I know, I should be using R.  It also plays nice with (R)Winedt.

Stata Mode lacks one convenient feature – the ability to run only selected lines of your Stata code.  This can be achieved by following these instructions.