Work in progress

The aim of is (or, rather, will be) to ease the dissemination of data on political phenomena. Initially, the primary focus will be on data from the Nordic countries but eventually I hope to expand the coverage, well, as much as possible.

If you have data that you would like to share with others I will be happy to post your data here or provide a link to where your data is stored. If you want to share your data on this site you will need to send me:

  • the data
  • a codebook with details on sources, variables, coding, etc.
  • information about how you would like potential users of your data to cite you
  • some keywords, e.g., geographic region, country, thematic (elections, legislatures, etc.)

Note that there are other places that you may want to deposit your data, e.g., at the IQSS Dataverse Network or ICPSR, and are perhaps more appropriate for larger datasets. The aim of this site is not too compete with these institutions but rather provide access to `basic’ data the researchers often have a hard time gathering. That is, my motivation for running this site stems from the fact that countries such as my homeland, Iceland, are often excluded from comparative studies because of lack of data. Often the data has been collected or exists but hasn’t been made accessible. The hope is that this site will ease the search for such data and encourage students and scholar to share their data here instead of keeping it buried in boxes in the corner of their offices.