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  1. The Socialist-Green Electoral Alliance in France 2002
    Data on the electoral alliance between the Socialist and the Greens in the 2002 French legislative election from Blais, André and Indridi H. Indridason. 2007. “Making Candidates Count: The Logic of Electoral Alliances in Two Round Legislative Elections.” Journal of Politics 69(1): 193-205. data [stata] codebook [pdf]
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  2. MIPT Terrorist Knowledge Base Data (perl-script)
    NOTE: The MIPT Terrorist Knowledge Base doesn’t appear to be online anymore. The Global Terrorism Database seems like a comparable source. The MIPT Terrorist Knowledge Base ( provides data on international terrorist incidents since 1968 and domestic terrorist incidents since 1998. The database is updated monthly. Each terrorist incident can be looked up individually online […]
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  3. Coalition formation in Iceland 1945-2003
    Data on coalition formation, duration, termination, and composition in Iceland between 1945-2003 from Indridi H. Indridason. 2005. “A Theory of Coalitions and Clientelism: Coalition Politics in Iceland 1945-2000”. European Journal of Political Research 44(3): 439-464.   The format of the tables follows Müller, Wolfgang and Kaare Strøm, eds. (2000). Coalition Politics in Western Europe. New York: […]
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  4. About aims ease the dissemination of data on political phenomena. Initially, the primary focus will be on data from the Nordic countries but eventually I hope to expand the coverage, well, as much as possible. If you have data that you would like to share on this site – or links to data elsewhere – […]
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